Welcome to the CMO Accelerator!

I’m so excited you’ve joined! Here’s what’s going to happen next:

  • In the next 24 hours, you’ll receive your pre-homework, to help you get a leg-up before class begins.
  • I’ll also be sending you an invitation to join our private forum, the CMOx Lab, which is where the CMO Accelerator content lives. You’ll get a link to download our iOS app, and instructions for best viewing on Android and desktop computers.

Keep an eye out for those emails, and I’ll see you inside the Lab for our January 6, 2020 start!

Congratulations on investing in yourself. I’ve worked for over a decade to distill the Functional Marketing Framework into a clear, digestable process that you can use to build out effective (and profitable) marketing in your business.

Quick request: Block out 2-4 hours/week in your calendar for January-March, 2020. Do this now so your schedule doesn’t get too busy. Modules drop on Monday’s and our live calls are every-other Tuesday. You’ll get these dates in the Orientation module once you’re inside the Lab.

Chat soon!