Get Ongoing Support from Casey and the CMO Accelerator

By joining, you’ll continue to have access to the CMO Accelerator, be able to join twice-monthly calls and have a secure channel to communicate with Casey to get quick answers to your most pressing questions. As you grow in your role, you’ll find yourself at forks in the road, where an experienced CMO can support you in choosing the right direction.

As part of your membership, you’re entitled to (2) one-hour personal coaching calls with Casey, to be used any time during the year. To maximize your value in the CMO Accelerator, it’s best to have private message conversations with Casey inside the Lab, and then prepare any additional questions or things that need to be talked-out, for one of your one-hour calls.

To schedule your one-hour calls, simply email [email protected] Raphael will help find a mutually convenient time.

Further, by being a member of the CMO Accelerator, you’ll get access to all new modules and trainings, all member-only interviews, SOP templates, worksheets and more.

This agreement is for twelve months. After the first year, the agreement becomes month-to-month, where you can cancel at any time.

No refunds are given. By joining the alumni program, you’ll be charged every month on (or about on) the same day of the month.

Don’t go at it alone. Stay in relationship to get the ongoing support you need. The price for the CMO Accelerator is discounted from $500/month to $300/month if you join while still an active member of the CMO Accelerator. If you choose to wait to join the Alumni program and sign up days or months after you’ve completed the Accelerator, the monthly fee is $500/month.

  • Price: $300.00
    Gain access to direct coaching from CMOx founder Casey Stanton and a 7-part training program to increase your ROI. This fee is paid monthly.