Episode 0: Marketing Sucks Trailer

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Show Notes

When marketing doesn’t work, it suuuuucks.

You’ve been there before in your business… working hard to build out a marketing campaign. You might have put in long hours, a big budget or had your team launch a campaign, only for less than stellar results.

You are not alone!

Hi, I’m Casey Stanton, founder of CMO Exponential, the fractional Chief marketing Officer Company, and I’m here to help you chart a direction in your marketing that is destined for success.

Since 2008, I’ve been a trusted advisor inside over 200 businesses helping them generate more revenue with marketing.

And here’s the thing… I’ve put together a formula that will help you choose which marketing campaigns you should focus on in your business, to give you the highest chance of success.

In this podcast, I’m revealing my process publicly for the first time so you can start winning more often.

This process is what led me to grow a beverage company from $702,371/month to $1,051,224/month (and growing) in 35 days.

This process also helped a health-and-fitness company increase their recurring monthly revenue by 71% from a single product. They saw their monthly recurring revenue grow from $59,869/month to $102,339/month, with a stress-free launch model.

This process works equally well for companies that sell B2C, B2B, or even B2B2C.

I’m here to be your guide, to show you a new way of looking at your marketing.

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