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7 marketing KPIs all CEO's must know


FREE REPORT: 7 Marketing KPIs all CEOs Must Know

If you’re a CEO, you need to be tracking these seven marketing and sales key performance indicators.

7 marketing KPIs all CEO's must knowFREE REPORT: 7 Marketing KPIs all CEOs Must Know

If you’re a CEO, you need to be tracking these seven marketing and sales key performance indicators.

What is a Fractional CMO?

A Fractional CMO is a chief marketing officer who serves businesses on a part-time basis. The Fractional CMO develops and directs the marketing strategy for an organization. Above all, the fractional chief marketing officer leads the entire marketing department.


  • Developing the marketing strategy for both the short-term and long-term
  • Deciding and committing to which marketing strategies are best for your business, such as SEO, content marketing, paid advertising, or a podcast, etc
  • Solving marketing problems that will arise and need to be resolved quickly
  • Leading the marketing department and inspiring team members 
  • Hiring new employees and building out your team for success
  • Working with outsourced agencies leaning on their experience

Your Fractional CMO should have a wealth of marketing and managerial experience. Therefore, the Fractional CMO should be the natural leader of the marketing team.

In addition to leadership qualities, the Fractional CMO is to be seen as the c-suite level marketing strategist who helps organizations achieve their marketing goals. 

Your Fractional CMO from CMO Exponential will work closely with both your organization’s leadership team and the marketing talent executing the marketing tactics on a day-to-day basis.

Our Fractional CMO Services

  • We help businesses improve their current marketing campaigns through expert marketing strategy and leadership.
  • Hire the highest level non-full time marketing executive, the Fractional CMO. 
  • Our proprietary methodology, the Functional Marketing® Framework is proven to improve your current marketing programs, marketing results, and the way the marketing team runs. From dysfunctional to functional.
  • Use metric-driven decision-making and our Fractional CMO expertise to reach your business’s goals.

Why You Need a Fractional CMO

A business needs a Fractional CMO when they require marketing leadership and the expert marketing strategy skills of a CMO, but do not need it on a full-time basis. 

Reasons a business needs a Fractional CMO:

  • Leadership: Your marketing department requires leadership from an experienced marketing professional. In addition to leading the marketing team, a leader in terms of decision-making is required. 
  • Marketing Strategy: Your business needs a comprehensive marketing strategy for your niche and industry. Such as a Fractional CMO with years of experience in SaaS or private equity. 
  • Part-time CMO: You require the skill set of a chief marketing officer, but not for 40 hours per week that a full-time CMO will be. Even if you need a Fractional CMO for only 5 hours per week, or 20. Your agreement is flexible. 
  • Experience: You have staff to execute marketing campaigns, but they lack strategic experience. Therefore, you need someone who has done it before and can foresee challenges and obstacles. 
  • Reporting & KPIs: You need to monitor the health and progress of your campaigns and have someone lead weekly KPIs meetings. Namely, so your team has accountability and is always results-focussed.
  • Optimization: You need to improve marketing campaign optimization by having an expert identify opportunities and new possibilities.  
  • Efficiency: Your existing marketing team’s efficiency is below optimal. You need leadership and management to maximize efficiency for your marketing department. 
  • Go-to-market Strategy: You are a startup or are launching a new product or service for your business. You will need a new marketing plan for the short-term and the next few years. Your digital marketing efforts need to be precisely planned out so your marketers know exactly what to do. Additionally, they need to know what marketing initiatives and key performance indicators are a sign of success.

Growth-focused Marketing Leadership

Our Fractional CMOs are our growth-focused strategic experts. Moreover, profitability in campaigns is crucial to what we understand success with a client to be. This can be done through maximizing the efficiency within your marketing team. Therefore our first 90 days with a client will focus on improving the systems and processes within your marketing department. 

This is most effectively done via our weekly reporting on marketing KPIs through a scorecard. We will create this, or improve your current one, as an immediate improvement for your marketing department. 

As you consider a Fractional CMO for your high-growth business, consider the cost of not having a marketing leader. Additionally, think of the potential gains of having an experienced marketing leader. 

Consider the risk you’re taking by having a marketing director or coordinator set the campaign objectives and success criteria in your organization. Odds are, they are under-qualified for the role.

By hiring a fractional CMO from CMOx, you’re getting the confidence and capabilities your team needs to reach new heights, both in terms of sales and profitability.

Casey Stanton - Fractional CMO

Maximum Growth in Minimum Time

If your organization has yearly revenue between $2-20M, hiring a fractional CMO from CMOx® will allow you to keep capital free to on-board the experienced implementers necessary to accomplish your vision.



Hire an experienced CMOx®. An Outsourced CMO will map your sales and marketing funnels, review your team’s strengths, and provide expert strategy on how you can grow…

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Fractional CMO for Private Equitty

Fractional CMO for Private Equity

Don’t let your holdings fail at the hands of businesses with half-baked marketing strategies. Our Fractional CMOs can help your companies grow fast and profitably…


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