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Quarterly Planning Workshop

Congratulations! You’re invited to be a guest at our upcoming CMOx Accelerator Quarterly Planning Workshop!

Discover how to claim your guest pass below-

STEP 1 :
First, watch Casey's quick message below to discover how to join us and claim your Guest Seat.

STEP 2 :
Schedule your 15-Min Intro Call in the scheduler below. We’ll connect, set expectations, and make sure you’re the right fit to attend, and then we’ll pass along further event details.

Take the first step to building your Fractional CMO offering

Schedule Intro Call

We schedule a quick 20-minute call to ensure I'm able to help you. If we're confident I can, we'll schedule a longer call

Book Your Strategy Session

On this longer call, you can ask any questions you want. We'll also share how we have helped marketing consultants & agency owners transform to attract, convert and serve 4-5 figure recurring clients

Game Plan

If you're committed to your growth, we schedule another call to plan your go-to-market strategy, arming you with proven processes, over 50 standard operating procedures, sales proposal templates, and so much more

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