Frustrated with your company’s marketing?

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Hire this rainmaker Chief Marketing Officer
to grow your company for less than
the cost of a car payment

When you hire Casey Stanton as your Chief Marketing Officer, you will…

✓ Finally get strategic insights on how to scale faster (and safer)

✓ Know with certainty who to hire and who to fire

✓ Have a trusted adviser to answer your most critical, personal marketing and business-scaling questions

✓ Get an expert second set of eyes on all your marketing campaigns

✓ Move ahead of your competition, turning your company’s marketing from reactive to proactive

✓ Get all of this for less than $500 a month


If you join CMOx Lab today, you’ll get:

1.) Direct and confidential access to me, a vetted and successful rainmaker chief marketing officer, to answer your most pressing marketing questions, such as:

  • Our existing marketing firm is just driving leads to our website. How can we convert those leads to customers?
  • I know where I want to be in 12 months but I don’t understand the next steps. Can you help break them down with me?
  • My experience with marketing has been awful. Who should I hire and how can I make sure they’ll do a great job?
  • We have too many options for marketing campaigns. Which should we focus on first?
  • I need an extra set of eyes on our marketing campaigns to make sure we’re doing the right ones
  • Our team has issues executing on objectives. How can I improve the leadership and ownership on our team?
  • Our sales cycle is longer than it’s ever been. How can we use marketing automation to get our prospects to buy faster?
  • Our marketing is reactive. We’re all getting burned out on last minute campaigns. How can we get ahead?
  • We’ve been word-of-mouth for years but I want the company to grow faster. What should we be doing?
  • I’ve been stuck in the marketing and sales roles in the company, and I want to get out. How do I outsource? Who can I hire?

2.) Monthly training where I interview people who specialize in profit-generating marketing tactics like:

  • Paid Media – I’ll be interviewing the ad guy that I’ve worked with to generate massive return for our clients. He will tell you all about the trends, where you should be focusing your ad dollars, and what types of campaigns are working today
  • Project Management – I’ve interviewed a Project Management headhunter who breaks down what proper project management looks like, defines when you need a PM, where you can outsource, and how to hire a PM with confidence.
  • Social Media – Hear directly from a social media expert who has grown Instagram accounts to over 100k followers all while profitably selling products and services. Most social media folks don’t care about revenue… you’ll hear ways to keep profitability front-and-center!
  • Big Data – Soon, I’ll be interviewing the man who single-handedly doubled one of my clients businesses using Big Data. On the interview, you’ll learn when harnessing the power of Big Data is right for your business and what the expected outcomes will be.
  • … and more! Each month, I’ll be interviewing an expert I trust to give you what you need in order to make the right decisions

3.) Systematic Marketing Worksheets to Grow Faster, with More Confidence

I built these worksheets over the last 7 years as a Professor of Marketing and CMO to help you clarify where your marketing is blocked and exactly what to do to knock those blocks down. From foundations to campaign optimization and scaling, you’ll be able to adopt our systems to grow your company faster.

4.) Access to my Rolodex of Proven Marketing, Design, and Tech Vendors

When you need support, just message me and ask me who you should hire and I’ll respond with ways to hire locally or through my vetted list of vendors. These are the same people I’ve worked alongside of inside 7-figure companies as we’ve rolled out highly profitable campaigns.

5.) Copy-and-Paste Hiring Templates

Quickly deploy these templates to hire a rock star project manager or intern, to get more done in less time.

6.) … All from your Desktop or Mobile Device

You’ll get direct access to me through our iOS and Android app, and website. Through the interfaces, you can ask questions on the fly. It’s like having me saved as a Favorite in your Address Book. Communication is fast, friction-less and effective.

I’ve helped hundreds of businesses grow their revenue, and move from Confused to Confident and Capable in their marketing.

We’re enrolling 20 businesses into the Lab to start. I want to keep this membership small, so I can really focus on helping you grow your business. Once the doors are closed, we won’t be adding new members for a few months.

Are you ready for my help? Sign up below.

Monthly Billing
Monthly payments. No commitment, cancel anytime.
Direct, confidential access to me. Get your mission-critical questions answered quickly
Ease-of-communication with a mobile app
Access to my Private Rolodex of Service Providers
Hiring templates to build your team with minimal risk and expense
At least one monthly training on marketing, sales or business building
60-minute Deep Dive call to break through your current blocks
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Yearly Billing
2 months free! New Lab members that pay Yearly get 2 60-minute calls with me to build a plan to overcome your current roadblocks.
Direct, confidential access to me. Get your mission-critical questions answered quickly
Ease-of-communication with a mobile app
Access to my Private Rolodex of Service Providers
Hiring templates to build your team with minimal risk and expense
At least one monthly training on marketing, sales or building your business
Two 60-minute Deep Dive calls with me. Bring up to 3 stakeholders from your business to this call, and I'll help you break through your company's current roadblocks
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About Casey

Casey Stanton is recognized as one of the most effective marketing strategists for 6-and-7 figure companies in the world. His experience is unique because it bridges the gap between marketing and sales to generate more revenue in less time for his clients.

For the first 10 years of his career, Mr. Stanton consulted with more than 200 businesses, creating and executing robust marketing plans. He served as a fractional chief marketing officer or marketing consultant and strategist for companies such as Farnam Street, Working Against Gravity, Brute Strength Training, Sally Hogshead, LifeAID Beverage Company, Todd Herman, A360, HeroX, The Relationship School, Bo Eason,, Dr. Kellyann Pretrucci, Jolene Brighton, Charles Poliquin, Lifebook, Azure Standard, XYMOGEN, BMSE, Genius Network, Jordan Belfort (The Wolf of Wallstreet), Poterack Capital, Heafner Financial, Paycheck for Life, AES Nation, Broadband Planning, AMIT Method, The Nutritionista, Crytzer England Health, Tech Guys Who Get Marketing, American Nursing Association, Lobdock Impairment, Supercamp, Target Focus Training, Landcorp, Synergetic Play Therapy and more.

Mr. Stanton’s profound understanding of both customer-generating marketing and sales enables him to help business owners and their teams grow.

Mr. Stanton has a proven framework that he’s been able to use to help dozens of companies scale without being reactive, a framework that he codified in his tenure as an adjunct Professor of Marketing at Tulane University’s AB Freeman School of Business.

After living in New Orleans for five years, Mr. Stanton, his wife Adelaide and their dog Harlan Waylon Peppercorn set off on a two-year adventure by RV to “city date” and find their new home. In February 2019, they moved to Philadelphia where the three currently reside.

In his spare time, Mr. Stanton can be found playing a little banjo, walking his dog through the city and photographing on a Hasselblad 500 CM, though rarely at the same time.

What other people are saying…

Casey and the [CMOx Team] were a god send to LifeAID. With their guidance, we were truly able to get our house in order and bring our marketing into the 21st century. Our campaigns and funnels are now trackable at every step and producing predictable ROIs. Casey is a brilliant strategist and is always on top of the latest and greatest strategies to bring your business to the next level.

— Aaron Hinde, Co-Founder, LifeAID Beverage Company

We hired CMOx® to conduct a thorough analysis of our SuperCamp website and marketing efforts. We were very satisfied with their final deliverable, which included a comprehensive Functional Marketing® Systems Map for our lead capture and nurturing. [Their] recommendations have been extremely valuable in terms of improving our marketing ROI and onboarding our newly hired Director of Marketing. In addition, [they were] very professional to deal with and equally thorough in [their] communication, including providing clear call agendas and follow-up notes for all meetings.

— Bobbi DePorter, Quantum Learning Network & SuperCamp

When I started working with Casey and the CMOx® team, my business was successful but completely unpredictable. We had no tracking or analytics in place, we had poor systems around our product launches, and we really had zero confidence when it came to our marketing. Within the first 90 days of working with the CMOx team, we had a full eCommerce analytic dashboard setup, they helped completely dial in and systemize our product launches, and they gave us the confidence we needed to lean into our marketing efforts and grow our business. They helped us find and train our director of operations who would become one of our biggest assets. They were constantly brewing up creative, out-of-the-box ideas like gamifying our program by creating a “patch system” where members could earn different patches for reaching milestones in the program. We saw a significant increase in retention from that specific idea. I thought we were hiring these guys for help with marketing, but they ended up helping us with every single part of our business. They are creative, professional, and truly care about making an impact.

— Mike Cazayoux, Brute Strength Training