Marketing Sucks Podcast

with Casey Stanton

When marketing doesn’t work, it suuuucks. In the Marketing Sucks podcast, learn what it takes to have highly profitable marketing campaigns so you can scale your business without the stress and overwhelm.

Casey’s approach to marketing is simple, clear and most important, effective. Listen to his podcast if you’ve been struggling with marketing, or just want a fresh perspective.

Marketing Sucks Podcast with Casey Stanton of CMOx

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Listen as CMOx founder shares why marketing sucks and what you can do to get more profit from your marketing campaigns.

Episode Links and Show Notes

Episode 0: Marketing Sucks Trailer — This minute-long episode sets the tone for the podcast, so you can know what to expect.

Episode 1: How a failed $183,294 marketing campaign fundamentally changed my approach to marketing — Back in 2011, I was working on a huge marketing campaign. The client had invested nearly $200k. Our team was dialed in… every email, link and order button were triple checked for accuracy. Listen to the tale on what happened and what I learned and why I never want YOU to experience this kind of bummer in your business.

Episode 2: Let your Business Work for You by Doubling Down on your Strengths — I’m pretty sure you didn’t start your business so you could punch the clock 40, 60 or even 80 hours a week, right? Right. Before you leverage marketing, you need to reconnect to your strengths. Tune in to find out how.

Episode 3: The Secret to Leveraging what you ALREADY Have (Assets and Capabilities) — Most business owners I talk to are starry-eyed about some new project on the horizon. Truth is, you probably don’t need anything NEW to grow your business, you likely have all the raw materials at your disposal… you’re just not using them effectively. Listen in and learn how you can leverage your current assets so you can grow faster without more expense.

Episode 4: Positioning your product or service for more sales, even in a highly crowded market — If someone is in your market and making more profit than you, you don’t need a new product… you need better POSITIONING. Listen and learn how to identify your ideal customer, define clearly the uniqueness of what you offer, and develop an offer that your prospects want!