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Casey Stanton - Fractional CMO

Casey Stanton
Fractional CMO & CMOx Founder

Casey S. Stanton is a marketing strategy expert and founder of CMO Exponential (CMOx), the Fractional CMO company. For over 10 years Casey has been leading marketing strategy for 7 and 8 figure businesses in both digital and brick-and-mortar markets. 

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Leading marketing-powered growth

Casey S. Stanton is a father, a husband, and a Fractional CMO.

As a master of the slow-to-change principles of marketing, he has been able to consistently provide value to growing businesses for over ten years.  

“If you know how to sell, then you will always be successful in business. 

Marketing is salesmanship multiplied.”  

The idea being, if you can sell a pen to one person, then whatever the tactics or persuasion used to sell that one pen can be put into the current hottest marketing channel or app, to sell a million pens. 

Casey has used this to knowledge and applied it to help scale multiple 7 and 8-figure businesses. 

Marketing skills combined with a comprehensive marketing strategy makes for powerful growth. 

CMO Exponential is a Fractional CMO company and consulting firm that provides marketing strategy services to businesses doing $5-20M per year. 

Casey Stanton - Bio
Why hire a fractional chief marketing officer?

Helping Others Succeed

In addition to managing clients, Casey now coaches a limited number of marketers in becoming a Fractional CMO. Using the Functional Marketing® Framework as the proven process for delivering results to clients.

Family First

Everything is secondary to family.

Thankfully, being a successful Fractional CMO means that client commitments can be honored and family time does not have to be sacrificed. 

This means mornings until ~9:00am are reserved for childcare and walking his dog, Pepper. 

Casey’s Career in Four Parts

2008 Financial Crisis, Mowing Lawns and Door-to-door Selling

Casey graduated from Michigan State University in 2008. Just as the bubble burst on the over-leveraged financial system, its ensuing collapse and the worst financial crisis in generations hit the US and abroad. 

As graduate jobs were few and far between, Casey turned to mowing lawns as a way to put food on the table. 

When mowing the lawn of a very wealthy individual, Casey asked him how he made his fortune. The man proceeded to tell Casey that he had made a product and had a strong distribution network selling that product. 

Seeing this opportunity, Casey made a deal with the entrepreneur to sell his product door-to-door around Michigan. 

After being successful at selling, Casey looked for a way to multiply his business and remove himself as being the only sales channel. He started to sell the product online. 

Realizing the power of selling products online, Casey reached out to other businesses who could benefit from this skillset and found success in running a ‘one-man band’ marketing agency. 

This new skillset and experience positioned Casey very well for a role in a bigger marketing agency in which he could start dealing with big clients and providing more value to clients. 


Moving up the ranks, providing more value, getting paid the same

After moving to New Orleans with his girlfriend at the time (now wife!) Casey worked on numerous exciting projects that included New York Times Bestseller book launches, partnerships with the NBA, and more…

Casey was driving huge growths for the agency’s clients and in turn earning the agency huge paydays. However, Casey realized that as he was working harder, his wage per hour hardly changed. 

This is when the idea of setting up his own business started to present itself as more attractive. 

In order to satisfy his interest in teaching and education, Casey started moonlighting at Tulane University AB Freeman School of Business as an adjunct Professor of Marketing. He taught direct response marketing to young budding business and marketing undergraduates. 

This is where Casey really started to develop his passion for teaching and coaching others what he has learnt. 

After making the tough decision to leave New Orleans, Casey and his fiancée decided to embark on a three-year ‘City Dating’ RV-trip around the United States and Canada, in order to find their ideal place to settle down. 

Taking to the road, Casey decided to make the leap of faith and work as a Fractional CMO from RV parks and beaches, without sacrificing on the quality of service provided to clients. 

‘City Dating,’ Taking the Leap of Faith, and Letting Go of the Vine

Whilst on the road, stopping and testing cities all around the US and Canada, Casey worked as a remote chief marketing officer, leading strategy and growth for businesses.

In the early days, he often found himself being the ‘everything guy.’ He was a full-time CMO for a business that really couldn’t afford a full-time CMO AND the staff to execute the work.

This meant doing the high-level, high-value tasks such as coming up with the right strategies and identifying how to optimize campaigns. But, this also meant doing the lower-value jobs, such as using simple software, administration and miscellaneous marketing tasks. 

This was not sustainable. It was not optimal. And, it was not the way to grow the business. 

He made a deal with one of his first ever clients to scale back his hours by about 75% and his pay by about 50%. This meant the business could afford to bring in a marketing technician to work full-time as a direct report to Casey, executing his strategy. 

This, in turn, freed him up to do the high-level, strategic side of the role. Therefore maximizing his time to the business and lowering his stress due to less context switching.

This structure allowed him to focus on what he was good at: strategy and planning. And allowed a marketer to focus what they were good at: executing the strategy. 

This combination provided more value to the business overall. 

As a result of this optimal structure, scaling was possible. One client turned to two. Two turned to three, and so on…

In his first year as a Fractional CMO, Casey earned twice what he did at the agency prior!

Rocket Fuel Growth & The Functional Marketing® Framework

After deciding on Philadelphia, PA as the place to settle down and start a family, CMOx continued to grow and see continuous improvements in its process. 

Leaning on his experience in an agency setting, teaching at Tulane and now having his own clients, Casey developed the Functional Marketing® Framework as a way to predictably serve clients to maximum effect.  

The Functional Marketing® Framework is the process in which a client will be served in their first 30 days, 90 days, and then every quarter thereafter. 

It is the pragmatic and predictable process a CMO can use to deliver ongoing results for the client. 

The Functional Marketing® Framework allows a Fractional CMO to take clients through a systematized and predictable process that provides a way for businesses to get more out of their marketing. 

The reality is that lots of marketers are entrepreneurs and want their own business. Albeit an agency or consultancy. 

Because of this, the CMOx Accelerator was born. A program that takes marketing managers, consultant, directors and/or CMOs, and shows them the process to being a Fractional CMO. 

Casey now trains marketers, alongside client work, to be a successful Fractional CMO by mentoring them to master how to Attract, Convert and Serve clients. 

Watch our video on how to become a Fractional CMO if you are interested in joining the CMOx team and working with Casey. 


Casey Stanton - Fractional CMO

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