7 Reasons Why CEOs are Hiring a
Fractional Chief Marketing Officer


Everywhere you look there’s a company that is bringing in part-time services to help them reach their growth objectives without hiring a full-time employee. Those business owners savvy enough to know they need marketing strategy and leadership are finding tremendous success in hiring a part-time chief marketing officer from CMO Exponential.

1.) Strategy is King

Every successful sports team has one thing in common: Strategy. They have a playbook that says “When that happens, do this.” They have a coach that is able to step outside of the game, see what’s actually happening on the field of play and devise a strategy to get the key objective met.

Your business is no different. Without a strategy, your company is probably doing too many things. You’re running in five directions at the same time, forcing you to not move at all.

A CMO can provide the strategy to meet the growth objectives you set as CEO.

2.) Businesses need execution, not just ideas

Strategy alone isn’t going to get you anywhere. You need people to do the work and hiring a full-time CMO inhibits your team’s ability to get work done.

It doesn’t matter if your business relies on content marketing, paid ads or word-of-mouth; you need more execution happening more often. By hiring a part-time CMO, you’re able to invest in the right tacticians at the right time.

3.) A process gets predictable results

Most CMOs and Marketing Strategists do the best they can with what they have. And what do they typically have? A few years of experience, a handful of tradeshows they’ve attended and a pile of books they’ve read.

What they lack is a well-formulated process.

While a Project Manager can get a certification and trained in a system, there is no such offering for CMOs. That’s why Casey Stanton, our founder and former adjunct Professor at Tulane University, built the Exponential Marketing Framework™. With this process, the part-time CMO’s at CMO Exponential are able to get impressive results in a short amount of time.

4.) The wider the experience, the better the strategy

If you go poach your competition’s CMO, you’ll get some useful insights into their business. But you won’t get any NEW and INNOVATIVE ideas. Instead, you leave it up to chance for your CMO to bring in new ideas.

CMO Exponential has solved this problem by creating a Think Tank inside the company for all of the part-time CMOs to talk about business problems. Through this group think process, the CMOx’ers are able to find innovative ideas that work in one industry and bring them over to yours.

5.) Teams want to know what to do

Maybe you’ve heard your team say “I just want to know what to do!” For so many, work gives meaning and without a clear understanding of what it takes to do a satisfactory job, team members feel lost and low confidence.

By having a part-time CMO step into your organization, you’ll be giving these well-meaning employees and contractors the leadership they’ve been yearning for. That means more work getting done by your team, while making everyone feel valued.

6.) Short-term commitment, long-term results

When you hire a part-time CMO at CMO Exponential, you are signing up for 90-days of CMO service. While the average contract length lasts 9 months, you’re only committing to a 90-day sprint. That means you’re able to mitigate the financial risk to your company and get the insights of a qualified CMO.

7.) No benefits, no problems

Glassdoor.com states that the average CMO is paid between $190,000 and $250,000 a year, plus benefits (and equity!).

Most companies can’t afford this level of insight and those who can often don’t need to tie their capital up in a single C-level hire.

By hiring a CMOx from CMO Exponential, you’ll be able to have the best brainpower and leverage of a CMO, without the full-time cost.

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