Your Perfect Marketing Strategy Podcast

with Casey Stanton

Want to know what marketing tactics are working TODAY? Tune in to Your Perfect Marketing Strategy to hear what marketing tactics are working, from the experts who are deploying them! You’ll learn the details of marketing tactics, like copywriting, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, webinars, cold email, chat bots, leveraging big data for MAID targeting, and more! 
In each episode, you’ll hear from an expert who is using one of these tactics, and they share what’s working, why it’s working, and if you should use the tactic for your business.  Build your perfect marketing strategy based on today’s winning tactics.

Casey’s approach to marketing is simple, clear and most important, effective. Listen to his podcast if you’ve been struggling with marketing, or just want a fresh perspective.

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Listen as CMOx founder Casey Stanton interviews those leading specific tactics, sharing what’s working TODAY in marketing and how you can get profitable results quickly.

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