Ep #10: Get The List

Don’t get caught up in how you’re going to message your prospects before you get them, the real priority is getting a comprehensive list of everyone that fits the description of your customer! Casey Stanton is back again to hammer home how imperative it is to obtain the list of potential clients through whatever ways get the job done, regardless of industry.

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Episode highlights:


There are many ways to go about getting the list which include: purchasing databases, web scraping, joint ventures, public records, etc. Whatever the way, find how to get that list of your potential clients.

Worry about how you will message your potential clients after you have gotten the list, this should be the priority.

There are ways to get the list of your potential customers regardless of what industry you may be in, it just relies on your ingenuity.

Quote of the show:


”When you think of the clients that you’re currently working with or the ones that you’re thinking about closing, I want you to ask, is there a definitive list that exists online?

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