Our Team

Casey S. Stanton


Casey S. Stanton is a marketing strategy expert and founder of CMOx®, the Fractional CMO company. For over 10 years Casey has been leading marketing strategy for 7 and 8 figure businesses in both digital and brick-and-mortar markets.

Michael Platania


Michael is our CMOx® Integrator.  His job is to make sure everything that is supposed to happen does happen and implement the goals of our Founder and Visionary – Casey.  

Michael’s mission in life is to help others succeed.  He currently lives in Las Vegas Nevada with his Golden Retrievers, Lucky and Lola!

Jon McMonagle

Director of Enrollment

Jon McMonagle is the London-based SEO manager and sales leader at CMOx®.

Jon has a deep knowledge of SEO and Facebook advertising, and a strong working knowledge of most other digital marketing channels.

Nibir Das

Marketing Systems Manager

Nibir is our systems guru, the guy that makes the tech and marketing operations at CMOx® and the CMOx® Accelerator functional and accessible. For anything tech related, he’s our guy.

Raphael Schwartzman

CMOx Coach

Raphael Schwartzman started with CMOx® in 2017 supporting Casey with client service and internal systems building. As Casey’s right-hand man, he helped to launch the CMOx® Accelerator and now serves as the community manager to support members in achieving success as Fractional CMOs.

Raphael lives in Philadelphia, PA, and works as a theatre director with companies around the country. He is also passionate about mental health and climate justice.

Melissa Abele

Director of Executive Placement & Sr. Enrollment Specialist

Melissa Abele joined CMOx in 2023 and has since scaled our organization into a dual-sided network, serving both companies and fractional CMO’s. Melissa has a keen eye for branding and marketing; helping to ensure a seamless customer journey and experience for all of our members and clients alike.

Outside of her time at CMOx, Melissa runs her own successful online custom wedding guest book business and if that’s not enough is a super mom to three amazing teenagers and two bonus teenagers she shares with her fiance.

Sue Mysko

CMOx Coach

Sue Mysko is a seasoned B2B marketing strategist and fractional CMO with over 25 years of experience leading marketing efforts for some of the world’s largest professional services firms. As a fractional CMO and a professor of marketing, Sue specializes in developing integrated marketing strategies that drive growth, build brand authority, and generate demand for services.

For the past two years, Sue has been an integral part of the CMOx coaching team, where she has successfully guided hundreds of members through the onboarding process. Her expertise and mentorship have been invaluable in helping members navigate the complexities of fractional CMO work and develop effective marketing strategies for their fractional clients.

Eric Abneri

Client Engagement Specialist

Eric is a jack of all trades, helping businesses find their perfect marketing help, and helping guide marketers on their journey to becoming a Fractional CMO. He also runs the CMOx Facebook group, and tackles whatever the day may bring. He specializes in connecting with marketers and businesses on a personal level, as well as overseeing the engagement specialist team.

In his spare time Eric runs a sports memorabilia business, and is frequently traveling to new baseball stadiums and other less explored corners of the world.

Drew Friesen

CMOx Coach

Drew Friesen is a studied and experienced B2B marketing strategist and fractional CMO. As a fractional CMO, Drew has deep knowledge of the manufacturing industry, and has taken multiple manufacturers beyond 30m in revenue. Drew specializes in marketing strategies that utilize marketing effectiveness principles across the breadth of the 4Ps of marketing tactics.

This year, Drew has become a part of the CMOx coaching team, leading and supporting members as they begin their fractional practice. Drew’s experience and education in both marketing and leadership provides a unique perspective on the role of a fractional CMO as he guides members towards true marketing impact for their clients.

Annie Thompson

Client Engagement Specialist

Annie is our resident “getting-to-know-you” ninja. She’s the first contact many potential members have during the Accelerator onboarding process. She revels in understanding each potential member’s unique challenges, and she loves making folks feel warm, fuzzy, and welcome.

When she’s not visiting with potential members, she’s probably curled up somewhere warm, knitting something or reading a book.

Irene Tolentino

Community Support Technician

Irene’s our Community Support Technician for the CMOx® Accelerator. She’s the one who takes care of your membership needs, including onboarding and admin support for our Portal and Lab community!

Throughout your journey in the CMOx® Accelerator, she makes sure you have access to everything that our systems have to offer and that you receive the support you need.

Justin Passalacqua

Client Engagement Specialist

Justin serves as a client engagement specialist who works with marketers and businesses to understand their marketing needs and goals. He is adept at navigating each client’s specific challenges and is their first point of contact on their fractional CMO journey.  

When he’s not working with clients you can usually find him at a baseball game or traveling and exploring a new part of the world.

Tramonique Wellington

Community Support Technician

Meet Tramonique Wellington, a dynamo who juggles event planning, customer success, a degree in Computer Science, and learning Mandarin—all with a smile! She’s the mastermind behind seamless events and top-notch lab support in the CMOx® Accelerator, making sure you get the support you need!

But Tramonique is more than just a work whiz. She’s a proud cat mom, a bookworm, and an anime aficionado who loves diving into the latest manga and manhwa. When she’s not crafting the perfect world in The Sims, you can bet she’s catching some well-deserved beauty sleep. Fun, talented, and unstoppable—that’s Tramonique!

Nawaj Rahman

Marketing Systems Associate

Meet Nawaj – the Marketing Operations Wizard at CMOx®. He’s all about the nitty-gritty details and loves tech and marketing. A team player through and through, he’s always eager to learn and help us reach greater heights.

When he’s not working, he’s either busy exploring new food, flavors, or places.

Asish Choudhury

Marketing Systems Associate

Asish is our driving force behind streamlining and perfecting our marketing systems. A true team player, he has a dual passion for technology and marketing.

When not playing around with our systems, you will find him in a kitchen experimenting with tastes with a very casual glass of his usual favorite in his hand.

Prateeksha Choudhury

Marketing Systems Associate

Prateeksha is the project management ninja and multitasking master at CMOx. When in research mode, it’s like watching a superhero with laser-focused vision uncovering every little detail and weaving them seamlessly into her work.

When not neck-deep in research, you will find her lost in books or anime, trying to convince herself that spending hours on intricate plots is productive.

What Drives Us

CMO Exponential (or CMOx® for short) is a US-based organization with a team scattered across the states. Our “CMOx’ers” are talented marketers and communicators who care about the businesses they work with. It’s not enough for a CMOx to just “be a marketer.” We hire for passion and purpose; we hire marketers who actually want to do good in the world. 

When you hire CMO Exponential, you’re not just hiring a solo marketer, you’re hiring a team of vetted marketing strategists and leaders. When your business hits a marketing roadblock, your CMOx® can come back to the team and strategize with us, utilizing years of experience with hundreds of businesses to come up with a breakthrough solution.

CMO Exponential was founded by former Tulane University lecturer and professor Casey Slaughter Stanton after he found that most startups and even successful businesses are making the same mistake over and over: hiring a tactic-focused marketer (aka the Facebook Ad guy) to handle all marketing and marketing strategy for the business. This typical hire leads businesses down a road of limited visibility, with too many blind spots to name. When it comes to marketing, what we believe your business needs instead is a platform-agnostic-marketing-strategist who can translate your vision into testable, scalable marketing campaigns.

Since 2008, Casey has consulted with over 150 businesses to improve their marketing strategy. He created the Functional Marketing® Framework while acting as a part-time CMO for two of those companies. His system was so effective that it turned a failing 7-figure business around in 4 months and took the other business to their highest revenue months on record.

The CMOx Functional Marketing® Framework is the cornerstone of the training all CMOx’ers receive. We take their marketing expertise and hone it into a structured, repeatable, proven process that we then apply to your business. It is with this process that our CMOx’ers will make your business successful month after month, year after year.

Because the purpose of business is to create a customer, the business enterprise has two–and only two–basic functions: marketing and innovation. Marketing and innovation produce results; all the rest are costs. Marketing is the distinguishing, unique function of the business.

Peter Drucker

Father of business consulting

Take the first step to success and choose a CMO

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See Your Marketing Map

Your fractional CMO will create a comprehensive Functional Marketing® Framework map with the insight they glean in the first 30 days working with you.

Execute in 60 days

Your fractional CMO will build and guide your team to execute on the map for the next 60 days. They’ll provide an updated plan and execute every 90 days thereafter.

Our Pledge to Close the Gender Gap in the Workplace

Parity.org is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization that is dedicated to closing the gender gap at the highest levels of business—the executive team (C-Suite) and the Board of Directors. CMOx® believes that closing the gender gap is paramount to a more equitable world.

For every CMOx that we hire, we commit to interviewing at least one qualified female candidate. Through this commitment, your organization will help us in closing the gender gap.

Read more about Parity on their website.

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