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Grow the value of your portfolio with an effective marketing leader

Can the companies in your portfolio acquire customers profitably? That is the deciding factor of the value of your portfolio. The founders you invest in may be brilliant innovators, or great with sales… but without more customers, they will not grow.

How a Fractional CMO Changes the math of your Portfolio Companies

Marketing Leadership

Own the relationship with your companies and lead up-to-date, detailed and fast correspondence.

Capital Optimization

Give your holdings the benefit and insight of a CMO without tying up the capital that is needed for implementation and traffic

Complete Transparency

If the founders you’ve invested in aren’t marketers, they’ll need support to keep customers coming.

The Overlooked Growth Strategy for Private Equity Firms:
Focus on Marketing

You’re an expert at investing in founders, especially founders who have a big vision, but as you clearly know, vision alone isn’t enough to make a company thrive.

The Inevitable Blind Spot

When a company is founded, the strengths of the founders make up the cornerstones of the company; if the founders have direct sales experience, they will build a company that tackles sales effectively. If they are technical founders, they will build a robust solution. But if they’re not marketing founders, they won’t find it intuitive to develop a defensibly strong multi-channel marketing strategy.

Don’t let poor marketing and lackluster customer acquisition get in the way of the vision of the business.

The underlying cause of so many businesses failing isn’t because of a lack of ideas. They fail because they can’t acquire customers profitably.

Allocate Capital Wisely

A part-time CMO, or Fractional CMO as we’re called in some circles, gives your holdings the benefit and insight of a CMO without tying up all the capital that is needed for implementation and growth. Your companies will have confidence in direction through our unique Exponential Marketing Framework™ process, along with leadership and key decision making.

You will be able to free up the capital from a full-time C-level hire while gaining the ability to hire the right service providers to implement your vision. You’ll get a clear customer acquisition and retention strategy deployed and improving like a well-oiled machine.

Schedule a strategy call to see how a Fractional CMO could change the math on your investments.

Because the purpose of business is to create a customer, the business enterprise has two–and only two–basic functions: marketing and innovation. Marketing and innovation produce results; all the rest are costs. Marketing is the distinguishing, unique function of the business.

Peter Drucker

Father of business consulting

If you’re not reviewing these 7 KPI’s monthly, you don’t know the health of your business.

Success might be slipping your grasp right in front of you without you knowing. Learn about readily available data that if used properly can lead to exponential growth.

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