Part-Time CMO / Chief Marketing Officer

What is a Part-Time Chief Marketing Officer?

A part-time CMO serves as a business’s marketing executive; planning marketing strategies, overseeing implementation, and guiding the marketing team. They fulfill the role of a full-time, C-level leader but on a part-time basis.

Does your company need a chief marketing officer (CMO) to add executive experience to your leadership and develop your marketing team, but you simply don’t have the hours or budget to hire for a full-time position? Consider working with a part-time / fractional CMO (fCMO) instead. These professionals offer the same expertise and insight as their in-house counterparts, but on a part-time basis—and often for a fraction of the cost. 

Part-time CMOs tailor their services to your needs and resources, meaning you can benefit from their leadership and industry knowledge on a budget.

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A Part-Time CMO Leads Your Marketing Team

A part-time CMO is a marketing expert who provides strategic guidance and works to implement marketing strategies and drive full-time results without demanding a full-time salary. Instead, they’ll work with you on an as-needed basis to provide the leadership your marketing process needs to be successful.

Though they may spend more time in-office as you grow, the best part-time CMOs understand how to use their time effectively. They’ll know exactly what requires their attention and how to develop your marketing teams to work efficiently and independently.

What a Part-Time CMO Does For Your Business

A part-time CMO accomplishes the same role, duties, and responsibilities as a full-time marketing executive but at the right level for your business. They bring extensive experience to your leadership team; pushing marketing efforts & guiding the marketing team to drive growth for your business on a part-time, as-needed basis.

They’ll use those hours to focus on leading your marketing department, provide insight and guidance on marketing initiatives, and establish and track key performance indicators (KPIs).

Leads Your Marketing Department

The best marketing department executives trust their marketing teams—and that’s doubly true for a part-time CMO.
They’ll check in with marketing directors and help them make tactical decisions about developing and promoting within teams to create an internal leadership pipeline. They’ll also be able to identify when teams need to grow, and new positions need to be added.

Develops Marketing Strategies

Part-time CMOs need to have an especially strong understanding of marketing strategy with an innate understanding of the industry, including the latest trends. This knowledge empowers them to revise, adjust, or completely overhaul your company’s current marketing goals.
They’ll also ensure your teams have the resources they need to build and execute marketing campaigns, checking in along the way to make improvements as marketing trends change.

Establishes & Tracks KPIs

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are invaluable because they indicate whether or not your marketing efforts have been successful. A part-time CMO will develop KPIs so teams have goals to work toward with milestones that help them gauge their progress.

Benefits of Hiring a Part-Time CMO for Your Business

The benefits of hiring a fractional CMO to guide your business are almost limitless. These executives are typically ready to hit the ground running and help your business begin growing right away. They’re often also more flexible and creative than their full-time counterparts.

Control Over Scope

Most businesses need a CMO, but those under $30m per year in revenue, do not have the need for one at 40 hours per week. This often means that the CMO ends up doing tasks that are not appropriate for their experience or pay. The business ends up overpaying the CMO for their hourly tasks.

Bringing in part-time CMO services means that you can hire a fractional CMO as the executive marketing director of the caliber that you need, without them having to go outside of the core responsibilities of a CMO.

Lower Costs, Greater Value

Though cost savings is one of the greatest benefits of hiring a part-time CMO, many companies find fractional marketing executives have greater experience, knowledge, and insight than in-house CMOs.

For example, many fractional marketing leaders have experience across multiple industries and businesses. This insight can be invaluable when it comes to finding creative solutions for getting ahead of the competition.

Experienced Marketing Leader

Part-time CMOs often work with several clients at a time, which means they’ve had experience with the following:

  • Marketing many different products and services
  • Advertising to a wide variety of audiences
  • Developing location-specific strategies in multiple locations

Does Your Business Need a Part-Time CMO?

If your business is struggling to develop and launch successful marketing campaigns, an experienced marketing professional can definitely help you develop solutions and offer a fresh perspective on your current efforts. With part-time CMOs, a limited budget isn’t a problem, as their rates are much lower than a full-time executive.

Below are some common problems a part-time CMO can help you resolve.

Your Marketing Team Needs Stronger Leadership

Strong leadership is crucial to having a successful in-house marketing team. Marketing leaders must be capable of balancing decisive action with support and guidance.

Additionally, since part-time CMOs are only with your marketing teams for a short time each week, it’s in their best interest to learn your company culture and team structure very quickly. That means getting to know individuals right away, which helps foster trust through familiarity.

You Need a Solid Marketing Strategy

Part-time CMOs are excellent at taking the reins of your marketing strategy and redirecting it to foster long-term success. Since their time with you is limited, they know how to analyze what you’re already doing, pinpoint issues, and develop efficient solutions. Rather than reinventing the wheel, part-time CMOs frequently strengthen and build on what you’re already doing to save time and money.

Your Business Doesn’t Need a Full-Time CMO

If your business is under $30m per year in revenue, you simply may not require a full-time CMO. A part-time CMO can be there on an as-needed basis to help increase your business’s earning potential and customer base.

However, certain businesses—like local restaurants—may not aspire to become nationwide sensations, preferring to cater to a smaller demographic. In these cases, a part-time role can offer the marketing leadership you need at a price that works for your business goals.

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Success might be slipping through your grasp right in front of you without you knowing. Learn about readily available data that if used properly can lead to exponential growth.