Innovation. Empathy. Collaboration. Results. 

CMO Exponential (or CMOx® for short) is a US-based organization with a team scattered across the states. Our “CMOx’ers” are talented marketers and communicators who care about the businesses they work with. It’s not enough for a CMOx to just “be a marketer.” We hire for passion and purpose; we hire marketers who actually want to do good in the world. 

When you hire CMO Exponential, you’re not just hiring a solo marketer, you’re hiring a team of vetted marketing strategists and leaders. When your business hits a marketing roadblock, your CMOx® can come back to the team and strategize with us, utilizing years of experience with hundreds of businesses to come up with a breakthrough solution. 

CMO Exponential was founded by former Tulane University lecturer and professor Casey Slaughter Stanton after he found that most startups and even successful businesses are making the same mistake over and over: hiring a tactic-focused marketer (aka the Facebook Ad guy) to handle all marketing and marketing strategy for the business. This typical hire leads businesses down a road of limited visibility, with too many blind spots to name. When it comes to marketing, what we believe your business needs instead is a platform-agnostic-marketing-strategist who can translate your vision into testable, scalable marketing campaigns. 

Since 2008, Casey has consulted with over 150 businesses to improve their marketing strategy. He created the Functional Marketing® Framework while acting as a part-time CMO for two of those companies. His system was so effective that it turned a failing 7-figure business around in 4 months and took the other business to their highest revenue months on record. 

The CMOx Functional Marketing® Framework is the cornerstone of the training all CMOx’ers receive. We take their marketing expertise and hone it into a structured, repeatable, proven process that we then apply to your business. It is with this process that our CMOxers will make your business successful month after month, year after year. 

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Our Pledge to Close the Gender Gap

closing the gender gapParity.org is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization that is dedicated to closing the gender gap at the highest levels of business—the executive team (C-Suite) and the Board of Directors. CMO Exponential believes that closing the gender gap is paramount to a more equitable world. 

For every CMOx that we hire, we commit to interviewing at least one qualified female candidate. Through this commitment, your organization will help us in closing the gender gap before 2234 (which is an outrageous prediction!). 

Read more about Parity on their website.