Ep #27: Retail Therapy vs. Replacement Therapy

Learn how to get yourself to a point where you are financially secure, you love the work that you do, and you love the people you work with. Casey Stanton opens the door to Replacement Therapy to help you get rid of your least favorite clients and be energized by your work. You’ll hear about how to tell if you actually like a client, when it’s safe to move on from them, and how to give yourself the power to decide who to work with.

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Episode highlights:


Replacement therapy is the idea that you can replace the clients that you don’t love with more of the clients that you do love.

What would it be like for you to replace your least favorite client? You can replace them and you can replace them with clients you like better and who pay you more.

A good test of whether you like a client is if you would go out and have a drink with them if they were in town. If that doesn’t sound appealing, you should probably replace them.

Before you can safely move on from a client, you need to build up a pipeline of qualified businesses and people that you want to work with.

Creating this pipeline allows you to have a real choice in who you work with without facing large financial risks.

When you enjoy the work, you are more energized to do it and you can be more creative and have a more effective capacity.

Quote of the show:


Companies want to hire you as a fractional chief marketing officer… They want to be served by you”

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