Ep #29: The Mythical Man-Month

Help your team become more efficient by splitting up their tasks more effectively. Casey Stanton is bringing the concept of partitionable and unpartitionable tasks to the center stage to show how you may be wasting time and effort on tasks while actually making them take longer to finish. You’ll learn how to recognize the different types of tasks, plan for a more efficient quarter and choose the right clients to serve as a Fractional CMO.

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Episode highlights:


Brook’s Law demonstrates that adding more capacity to a project that’s failing actually extends the timeline it takes to produce a quality product.

There are two main types of tasks, partitionable and unpartitionable.

Unpartitionable tasks do not see an increased acceleration in completion with added manpower. Whereas, partitionable tasks are completed faster with more hands involved.

Some tasks, like writing persuasive copy, are unpartitionable because they require a singular voice and vision.

When you add more people to a team, you increase the amount of necessary intercommunication within the team exponentially.

As a Fractional CMO, you should know what tasks are unpartitionable and how you can help the people working on those tasks without getting in their way.

When doing quarterly planning, consider what tasks are partitionable or not and what the time needed to complete them actually is.

As a Fractional CMO, the Three C’s you need to know a potential client has are cash, capability, and capacity.

Quote of the show:


It’s the unpartitionable tasks that are the tasks that do not scale with more human capacity”

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