Ep #41: Reduce Noise, Increase Value

There’s a lot going on and in order to focus on what’s important to your work, you need to filter out the static. Casey Stanton is dropping in to give some quick tips for Fractional CMOs, VPs of Marketing, agency owners, and everyone in between, on how you can declutter your work and solve bigger problems. Casey outlines some easy steps to reorganize your bookmarks, tidy up your desktop, and minimize the risk of a cyberattack.

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Episode highlights:


As a Fractional CMO, your job is to be able to understand the signal from the noise or to put it another way, separate the wheat from the chaff.

When you focus on things with the biggest leverage, you can solve bigger problems which then results in bigger rewards both for you and your client.

You need to delete the noise, and that means doing some cleaning! Start with your bookmark bar by leaving only the favicons or using folders.

When you look at your desktop, you should feel at ease. Don’t save things to your desktop, instead, use a folder. Set up a junk folder and set a 30-day reminder to check it. If you’re not using anything in that folder after 30 days, delete the whole folder!

Identify where the junk in your work is and block off half a day to just get rid of it. If getting rid of it saves time in your every day or offers you a more calm experience while you work, it’s worth putting in the time to remove it.

Mapping Google Drive as a local drive on your computer provides you with a folder that you can drag files into and have them saved to Google Drive. This lets you access those files from anywhere and it’s also a great way to backup your files.

Do not use the same password across websites! Use a password manager to avoid the complications of remembering all of those passwords and to increase your security.

Quote of the show:


You want to focus on the thing that has the biggest leverage”

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