Ep #56: Serving You Serves Me

Which clients feel the most effortless to provide value to? Once you figure that out, your work won’t feel like work. Casey Stanton is the Founder of CMOx, a Fractional CMO, and author of the Wall Street Journal #1 bestseller, The Fractional CMO Method. Casey discusses building on your strengths, how to effortlessly provide value as a Fractional CMO, and discovering your unique ability.

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Episode highlights:


Reflect on the mantra, “Serving you serves me.”

The reason that you may feel that when you are providing the most value, it often feels like the least effort, is that you are in a state of flow. In a flow state, the activities you are doing seem effortless and unbound by time.

Many people say that you should work on your weaknesses to become a more well-rounded person. However, if you work on your strengths, then you can become deadly at a few things and hire out or automate your weaknesses.

The Confucianist concept of “wu wei” means effortless action. When you are in the flow of the work you are doing, that work won’t feel like work, it will feel effortless.

Regardless of what your strength and expertise are if you further build upon those strengths, you’ll probably enjoy the learning and training you do to strengthen them.

When you work with clients as a Fractional CMO building your team and identifying objectives, your approach will come from who you are and what brings you energy.

There is no limit to how finite your unique ability or area of expertise is. For example, your strength could be solving high-level marketing strategy problems or it could be making picture frames for paintings.

Quote of the show:


When you provide the most value, it often feels like the least effort”

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