Ep #65: Setting Outcome Goals and Celebrating

Taking care of your mental health, along with your team’s mental health, is critical to growing as a marketer, let alone a Fractional CMO. This week, Casey dives into the ways to measure your own success, which type of goals are the most fulfilling for you once achieved, and why celebrating the micro-wins within your team is so important.

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Episode highlights:


Measuring yourself from where you are to how far you have to go to be successful will never get you there. Instead, create clear, tangible, and attainable goals and write them down. For example, instead of saying you want a half-million-dollar year Fractional CMO practice, write down specific income targets for hours worked.

When you try to measure your success by working toward getting something like a watch, once you get the watch, it feels like a hollow victory because your eyes will now be fixated on getting some greater prize which will be equally as hollow.

Don’t think that because you don’t have a case study as a Fractional CMO, you don’t deserve a $10,000/month deal. If you’re solving a problem that needs the focus of a $10,000-a-month Fractional CMO, you have to charge appropriately for your work.

Your team should be looking to be responsible for more outcomes and increasingly challenging work. If you hire right and build a good culture, your team won’t be reaming about taking a break after finishing a task, they’ll be looking for what’s next.

It’s important to celebrate your wins and create an environment where your team can do the same. Celebrate micro-wins and call out team members who contribute. Create a culture of support, respect, trust, and camaraderie within your team.

For example, create a Slack channel called “Wins” and use it to highlight team members for exhibiting a core value, going above and beyond, or coming up with a great idea. Once you kickstart this channel, your team will start to highlight each other.

Encourage your team to take time off and enjoy themselves, provided that outcomes are being met. As the Fractional CMO, it’s not your job to micromanage each team member and their entire lives.

Quote of the show:


If you measure yourself from where you are to how far you have to go to be successful, you will never get there”

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