Ep #79: Keep It Simple

Yes, going down rabbit holes can be fun, but it’s usually not efficient. Casey Stanton is the Founder of CMOx, a Fractional CMO, and author of the Wall Street Journal #1 bestseller, The Fractional CMO Method. This week, Casey delves into why the simplest solution is better than the complex, fun solution and how this applies to solving bigger problems for your client businesses.

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Episode highlights:


While you may enjoy complex solutions or processes if there is a simpler process that produces the same results, just with less fun, you should choose the simpler solution. If you are only being measured on delivering X result, then you should focus on delivering that result, rather than how creative you can make the process to get to that result.

Uncover which specific outcome is the most important and concentrate on achieving that fundamental goal.

For Fractional CMOs in particular, the outcomes that your clients want most are likely to be sales outcomes, not marketing outcomes. Don’t get dragged down into the details of tactics used to achieve those outcomes, stay elevated so you can solve bigger problems.

In the words of Leonardo da Vinci, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” There is elegance in simple, effective solutions. For example, if you struggle to explain your client’s core business, you should boil the concepts down further.

Prioritize actions and strategies that directly impact customer acquisition and retention. These are fundamental to any business.

Focus on mastering a few things well. It’s better to do a few things in marketing exceptionally well rather than attempting to become an expert in everything all at once.

Quote of the show:


“Don’t do everything all at once, keep it really simple so you can maximize the results wherever you are.”

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