Ep #8: The Biggest Shift You Make as a Fractional CMO

Whether you’re a full-time CMO for a company or a Fractional CMO for several companies, this truth remains the same, you can’t do everything yourself. In this episode, Casey Stanton discusses the importance of shifting your mentality from “I need to do this” to “this needs to get done.” Learn how having a team around you that you can delegate tasks to can help in your journey to solve bigger problems.

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Episode highlights:


Both CMO’s and Fractional CMO’s must make the shift from “I need to do this” to “this needs to get done.” It is imperative to shift from task focus to outcome focus!

The CMO can’t do everything by themselves, it’s impossible! The CMO has to hire a team of hardworking, intelligent, and committed people that they like working with.

Once the CMO has created their team, they can delegate tasks to the team members. Avoid thinking that delegating is inefficient and is a waste of time because both the CMO and the team learn from each other through it.

Don’t micromanage your team; people like to be assigned a task and then given the authority to accomplish that task. Each team member learns and develops from the tasks they are assigned and allowed to take some ownership of.

Make sure to give your team enough to work with for a task, but don’t do the work for them.

By delegating tasks to the team, the CMO can become free to solve bigger problems!
If you are a marketing department of one, you can either accept the work and move on, hire a team to delegate to, and or find a different client who can afford to hire a team for you.

Quote of the show:


”The CMO should never let the day pass where the work isn’t getting done

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