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We’ll set you up with everything you need to serve 7-to-9 figure companies as a process-driven, well-paid Fractional CMO.


100%, 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee or
get your investment back.

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Roadmap to $500k a Year

Once you join, you’ll be given your Income and Impact Roadmap™ to plan your next action steps to build your Fractional CMO practice up to $500k a year, working only 30 hours a week.

100+ Worksheets

As a process-focused Fractional CMO, simply running a client through a worksheet will get you the answers you need without having to reinvent the wheel yourself.

Quick-Start SOPs

We have dozens of standard operating procedures (SOPs) ready for you to copy, edit and give to your clients. These SOPs will save you 75% or more of your time when you run a new campaign and get your clients the best result possible!

81 Training Modules

Learn how to attract, convert and serve clients as a Fractional CMO with clear, actionable training in video, audio and written formats.

Delegation Framework™

A low-effort, bomb-proof process to delegate work to others, so you can get more done in less time, with less headaches! This is how you get 10x more done without working more hours.

Quarterly Planning Calls

Meet with Casey and other Fractional CMOs twice each quarter to plan your client’s quarterly marketing plans and your own to grow your fractional CMO agency!

Exclusive CMO Community

Get insider-only strategies and meet top Fractional CMOs in our very own exclusive community. You’ll grow faster when you’re around like-minded professionals who are as hungry as you are. Ask your question day or night!

Weekly Calls

Our calls include a live Q&A call with Casey where he coaches you on how he would solve your specific roadblock, plus additional calls with our Accountability Coaches to ensure you’re hitting your revenue targets


Our Preferred Vendor List

When you use these vetted resources and teams, you can deliver better outcomes for your clients in less time!


Our Sales Proposal & Contract Template

Clear, detailed systems and cutting edge based data to drive marketing decisions. I paid my lawyer more than $3,000 for this!

100%, 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee or
get your investment back.

100%, 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee or
get your investment back.

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From our CMOx Accelerator Members

The CMOx®
Money Back Guarantee

To be a successful Fractional CMO, you need to put in the effort. And most people don’t. We ask that you do the following before activating your refund.

Join the Program

Attend your Gameplan Call

Join Two
Growth Sessions

Implement Your Gameplan

If you do those things and you still haven’t made measurable progress towards attracting and converting clients as a fractional CMO, you can request a refund. Just send us an email ([email protected]) within 30 days of purchase and we’ll promptly refund your money.

Don’t just take our word for it.
Here’s what a few of our members have to say...

"Within 2-3 weeks I had 3 clients and was bringing in $30,000 [per month]"

What they say works. Through that process, [I] was able to land my first $10,000 client in about a week and a half… pretty soon got the next one at $10,000, and pretty soon got the next one at $10,000 plus equity in the company. Within 2-3 weeks I had 3 clients so was bringing in $30,000 [per month].

Dallin Cottle, Fractional CMO

“It’s the freedom and the impact and the profit”

Coming from working 18-hour days in corporate America to being able to call my own shots… let’s just say I have my sanity back… This is a great program for people who understand what they want out of life and won’t settle for what has just been offered to them… It’s the freedom and the impact and the profit.

Shannon Murray-Doffo, Fractional CMO

"It's a great Accelerator for those who want to take back their work week"

It’s a great Accelerator for individuals who want to take back their work week… you really can have true freedom and flexibility in your schedule as a fractional CMO. I would not be able to live the life I do and spend so much time with my friends and family, doing the things I care about, without being fractional. It’s really given me a lot of financial freedom and freedom from a 40-hour work week, to spend my time where I want to spend it.

Drew Friesen, Fractional CMO

“You're getting a whole mastermind of ideas and minds and problem solvers”

[Love] How easy it made it to give good answers and good work to my clients. Even when I didn’t have the answer, I have this community of executive marketers and experts behind me, and anywhere I have these gaps or even where I feel confident, I can go back and double check. You’re getting a whole mastermind of ideas and minds and problem solvers.

Katy Ward, Fractional CMO

“I’ve already made
10x of my investment”

After joining the Accelerator, it was probably a week or two before I landed that first client… I’ve already [made] 10 times my money off of what I made as far as new client work.

Russ Reynolds, Fractional CMO

"3 months in, I'm landing contracts at 3x what I used to"

3 months into [the Accelerator], I’m landing contracts that are 3 times what I used to charge, and that’s just for my full-day consult. All of my prices across the board have gone up, and I’m more confident in what I can deliver, so my sales pitches are easier. It’s easy to reinvest in something when it’s helping you be more of who you were meant to be.

Beki Dunmire, Fractional CMO

"Coaching that works you through your own mental and emotional blocks"

You’re getting coaching that is working you through your own mental and emotional blocks. You’re getting amazing leadership and in turn, you’re learning to be a better leader and pass those skills on to your client services.

Denise Kozlowski, Fractional CMO

“In as short as 3 days, I already landed my first CMO job”

CMOx® is perfect for senior level marketers, and marketers who are consultants and would like to get out of being stuck in the tactical mode and would like to rise above and do more strategy… Fractional CMO is perfect for them… It’s the now role.

Casey Cheshire, Fractional CMO

“Now I know my role and my passion for helping people with their business”

[The CMOx® Accelerator] definitely gives you an edge over your competition…I don’t think you’re going to find too many people that have been in this business, that know all these principles or have a peer group. So this is fantastic.

Wyatt Chambers, Fractional CMO

“A level above working smart, which is a system that works for you.”

We could argue about whether we should work smart, work hard or work smart and hard. But there’s actually something even above that level. And that is to have a system that creates a better playing field for you to work in…a system that generates the success rather than just you working hard, or working smart even. So I think [the CMOx Accelerator] is even a level above working smart, which is a system that works for you.

Jesse Stoddard, Fractional CMO

“Getting insights from actual professionals who are working with $200-$300 million dollar companies…”

The group is incredibly valuable. Getting insights from actual professionals who are working with $200-$300 million dollar companies… it’s a different game than playing with a small business. It really helps you build a holistic marketing strategy.

AJ Rivera, Fractional CMO

100%, 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee or
get your investment back.


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