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The CMOx Approach to GTM Strategies

We know the importance of strategy and the effects a good or bad one can have on your bottom line. 

Having a comprehensive go-to-market strategy is a very important thing that your business must have when launching a new product or service, or if you are diving head first into a new market. 

You need to know what you are getting into. 

That said, your go-to-market strategy is the plan to get into the market. It is not necessarily that plan to stay in the market. Or, to grow in the market. 

Any effective go-to-market strategy is designed through a framework that allows for an agile marketing department to refine and improve their efforts in a streamlined and effective way. 

Go-to-Market Strategy Core Elements

Solve Your Customer Avatar’s Problems

Before you dive into the market you need to know who it is you are selling to. You must know their pain points and how your brand’s solution is going to give you a competitive advantage and turn target customers into loyal customers. 

Your brand’s messaging has to be specific, deliberate, and always with the customer avatar in mind. 

Market segmentation is important for any startup or new product launch but these customer segments must always be created with the sales strategy in mind.

One way in which we help businesses clarify this is through our proprietary C.A.R.E. (Customer Avatar Realization Exercise) worksheet.  

Who is the decision-maker? What is their problem that you are solving? What are the customer expectations? The answers to all these questions and others are the fundamentals upon which marketing plans are built.

Know Where You Stand

Your positioning needs to be clear and succinct. 

How are you different? What are the specific needs of a customer? And, how are you in a unique position to satisfy them?

The methodology behind your go-to-market positioning is customer-centric. Knowing where you stand in a relatively new market or long-established one is all about understanding how the market sees your brand. 

Rolex will often put customers on a waiting list for several months for a highly-anticipated new product. Dominos gets pizza to customers in 30 minutes or less. Understand who you are and your place in the market, otherwise, consumers will decide for you and you may be grossly underprepared. 

At CMOx, we work with you and your sales team to build out and test your brand’s positioning with prospects. We conduct data-driven tests, producing valuable insight into how people respond to your brand so we know how to best drive revenue growth in the future.

Package Your Offer Correctly

Your offer is the way in which someone can do business with you. It is how you package your product or service in a way that is attractive to your target audience.

Essentially, there are two elements in business: your audience and your offer. Without either of these you don’t have a business.  

Different offer have different levels of effectiveness depending on the audience. SaaS companies need to prove their product works well before people commit, hence why you can get a free trial for any software business or app. 

Know your position. Clarify your offer. Make it simple and straightforward. Then refine your offer for your audience. 

Our marketing strategy consultants help your business plan and refine your positioning and offer in a way that resonates with real people and drives new business.

Target and Reach Decision-Makers

Once we know your avatars, your positioning and your offer, we can then move onto sales and marketing. 

Marketing is salesmanship multiplied. We work with your sales team to understand what works, how they handle objections and use their ideas from selling to grow the business. 

This understanding and experience from the sales team coupled with marketing expertise is what underpins the success of marketing tactics and campaigns. 

We are firm believers in focussing efforts on fewer channels and campaigns in order to get the most traction and best results that ultimately drive profitability and growth. There are so many market opportunities that in chasing all of them you become masters in none of them. 

Your go-to-market strategy is a plan for how you get into the market. It is not a plan for how you stay in the market or how you grow in the market. That requires an agile marketing department. 

We work with businesses to help structure and run their agile marketing department.

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